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Antique Slotted Screws

Looking for some old stock wood screws? check out our old store! We havebsbrass81 old store stock, so you can be sure you're getting the best deals possible. Our team is always available to help so don't hesitate to buy with confidence.

Antique Slotted Screws Walmart

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Best Antique Slotted Screws

These 5 pound assortment hundreds antique round flat head slotted screws are the perfect choice for any fixer-upper or antique value store. They are perfect for holt's, ford, smith andourke, and other like products. These screws are in our antique series because they are used in high-end settings and is perfect for making alterations. They are in stock and will last long in your aditivate use. these wood screws slotted flat head bronze 8 x 1. Screws are in great condition and are perfect for any project. They are quality made and look great. these antique slotted screws are perfect for holding tight to metal screws or other hardware. They are also great forife screws if you're looking for a bit more security. These screws are a great price, these antique slotted screws are a perfect way to keep your screws in style and in use. These screws are a perfect choice for many different applications. From boxes of 144 screws, you can choose the screws you need to keep your screws in use.